Why Portugal Is Attracting More Tourists Than Ever Before

Why Portugal Is Attracting More Tourists Than Ever Before

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Amidst the gloom and doom of Brexit and increased security across Europe, there is one shining light for those wanting to experience the continent at its very best. That light, which is attracting tourists like moths to a flame is Portugal. The reasons are not difficult to understand.

Portugal offers even the seasoned traveler a complete feast for the senses, just like Munich. Whether you want massive helpings of culture, stunning scenery or some of the best authentic cuisine that Europe has to offer then you really owe it to yourself to make an extra effort to include Portugal on your travel bucket list.

It is almost impossible to give Portugal too much credit. From the villages where food and drink are a way of life that hearkens back to the Middle Ages – not the horrors of that period – but the simplicity of cuisine and an approach to life which is in sync with seasons and the sunrise and sunset of each glorious day – no matter the season.

The attractions of Portugal are almost to many to mention but their are two shining lights that every visitor to this warm and welcoming country will single out as forming the foundation of what is almost inevitably described as the tourist experience of a lifetime. Those are the absolutely stunning scenery and the exquisite variety and quality of both the cuisine and the wine.

Firstly, the scenery. Leave the cities of Portugal behind and the countryside rolls out like a carpet woven from some of the most beautiful natural threads on the planet.

If you a lover of breathtaking vistas then you will simply be mesmerized by the over 800km of shoreline that Portugal wears like a jewel in the crown of stunning beauty that is only one of the natural attractions of this stunning landscape.

Whether you want to take in the scenery during a leisurely bike ride along the Rio Guadiana, or tuck a board under your arm and race into the crystal waters of a sparkling seas Portugal will off that – and more.

This is a country where the ocean is more than just salt water, it is the very lifeblood of its citizens and is central to what makes each and every Portuguese citizen tick to its rhythm.

Then every visitor will be captivated by both food and wine. The freshest of ingredients and a particular devotion to the soil are the souls of Portuguese cuisine and the roots that allow it’s vineyards to flourish. For every person who values taste and authenticity of ingredients this country is one that will simply provide a gustatory experience that captures the heart. Food, wine, an acceptance that companionship is at the heart of every meal and that care and time are both vital to providing a meal that will live in memory are embraced.

Portugal is a country that rewards not only the mind, but also the heart and soul. For those who want to experience joy and contentment a trip to this country is not only an option – it is an absolute requirement.