Wish you had kept in touch? Love to know if your old friends and neighbours are alive and kicking? Whether you have stayed in the same area all your life or have moved all around the country Neighbours reunite enables you to find out what has happened to your old friends and neighbours. When the council compulsory purchased your street and you had to move, did you ever wonder where Mrs Briggs from No.10 went to? was it to a New Town, or in the high rise flats on that new estate up the road. E-MAIL A FRIEND about this site. Bookmark Neighbours reunite now (CTRL-D) This site is catching on fast, with new people registering daily. If your area is not there then add it. If it is and there are not many people in your area today, there might be tomorrow. Tell a Friend. Once registered you can add your name and comments to every area that you have ever lived in so that your old friends and neighbours can find and get in touch with you. Old friends can send you a message through the site and only if you want to make contact back will they ever see your e-mail address. Go down memory lane for, interesting funny stories. Chat with other uses using our live chat room.